Alpha Below Borders


When Robert Lear started running Alpha in Mexico City’s Hard Rock Café, he discovered that when misc meets faith, great things can occur.

Since 2010, a group has led Alpha at the Hard Rock Café in Mexico City.

Here are just two of the many stories of transformed lives as a result of Alpha.

‘Tracks’, the bass player from a band I once worked with, wanted to catch up. I proposed we meet at the Hard Rock Café, just before Alpha. He stayed on for the evening and became a Christian. Tracks told me that he used to look out into the crowd during concerts, picking out girls to take backstage for some fun. Now he continues to look out, but to identify people with whom he can share the Good News that has transformed his life.’

‘Mariana was going through a tumultuous time when a Christian friend invited her to see a band performing at the Hard Rock Alpha. At fi rst she was there for the laugh, but week after week the message started to seep in. She nearly didn’t make it on the weekend away, having had a rough night partying, but someone from her small group convinced her to come along, holding up the whole bus for her. That weekend she experienced the Holy Spirit and accepted Christ. Now she helps other girls going through similar challenges.’

Pin Goog